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displaying your wedding cake

So, you’ve chosen the design of your wedding cake, but have you thought about how best to display it? Couples often tell me “Oh, I hadn’t thought about that”. There are different options to consider and having spent money on a beautiful cake, I’m sure you want to showcase it in the best way possible.

3 tier floating wedding cake with perspex tiers, glass stand, perspex table and tree canopy #balbirniehousewedding #juliescrumptiouscakedesign

cake stands & props

Firstly, think about a cake stand. There are so many different styles out there to compliment your cake design. Your venue may have their own but don’t feel that’s your only option. Many can be quite old fashioned and don’t add much height or even suit the style of your cake, so ask to see what they have.

Lots of places sell different cake stands, however, they can be costly, especially if you won’t use it again. I recommend speaking with your cake designer to ask if they have any available for hire. This is something I cover in every consultation, and I do hire a variety of different stands, to compliment a range of cake styles.

Julie Scrumptious Cake Design white 3 tier wedding cake with handmade sugar roses and ranunculas #balbirniehousewedding #juliescrumptiouscakedesign

My favourite cake stands are Mosser glass stands. You’ll see these in many of my cake photos. They are elegant, classic and showcase your cake in the best way. There are also an amazing selection of stands from places like Prop Options or BrambleSky. If you have a company providing the décor for your special day, such as Celebre Weddings & Events, they too may have a selection of props available to display your beautiful cake. Check out their websites to look for ideas and the different options available.

Props are on trend. The right prop can enhance the look of your cake and create a real wow factor in your room. From cake swings to Perspex tables, tree canopies and plinths, the options are endless!

Julie Scrumptious Cake Design autumnal 3 tall tier wedding cake with sugar flowers in autumnal colours #juliescrumptiouscakedesign

where’s best to display your cake

Next, think about where your cake is going to sit. How often have you attended a wedding and you don’t remember seeing the cake until the couple cut it at the start of the evening reception? Unfortunately, it happens all too often. Couples take the time to choose the design, making sure it will fit in with the décor of the room, then the cake then sits in a corner, and nobody sees it! Some venues will even place it in another room until it is time to cut the cake.

Worst of all is when it is placed in front of a fire escape or a fire extinguisher, and that’s what’s featured in the background of your photos. Not great, is it? As a cake designer this is a real bugbear of mine.

When you are speaking with your venue, discuss the options of where and how you can best display your wedding cake. Is there somewhere in the room that will provide the perfect backdrop for your photographs. Think about decorating the space with flowers or candles. It doesn’t need to cost a lot but does make a huge difference.

Julie Scrumptious Cake Design 3 tier white wedding cake with pale pink sugar flowers and raw silk bow. Venue: Bachilton Barn

Let’s face it, your wedding cake is a work of art! So much time and money go in to making sure it is absolutely perfect and in keeping with your wedding. So, think about where best to showcase your cake. Where your guests can admire it, take beautiful photos, and look forward to trying some later that evening.

Julie Scrumptious Cake Design 5 tier wedding cake with ruffles, sparkle and a cascade of white sugar flowers, displayed on a floral arch chandelier cake swing #balbirniehousewedding

Cake swing hired from Classic Weddings Glasgow


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